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Spanning a length of over 2.8 km across the beautiful forest covers, Skyview Gondola spans from Sanget to Patnitop hovering over lush evergreen forests. All of our spacious 18 cabins supported by 8 towers adhere to the highest safety standards, aligning it with the safest gondolas of the world. Be it the colours of spring, the bright days of summer, or snowy mornings in the winter, these spacious avant-garde glass encased cabins are custom-crafted for an all-year-round experience.
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Technical partnership with POMA, a world leader in gondola manufacturing and installation.

One of the highest (ground clearance) CEN (European) Standard certified gondola in Asia.

Only gondola in India with over 65 metres of ground clearance and longest span of 849 metres. between 8 towers.

Over 200+ safety checks.

All weather operational

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