Responsible Tourism – Skyview by Empyrean
“Striving towards excellence” is a motto that brings us to work every day and ensures a wholistic set of efforts towards the socio-economical betterment of the society. The same stands true for our commitment to execute and promote the highest standard of responsibility towards our stakeholders in all that we do. Our responsible and sustainable tourism initiatives are based on 4 guiding values of Skyview by Empyrean which are:
Social Responsibility

As a responsible member of the society, Skyview by Empyrean has always been at the forefront in contributing towards the society. This is reflected in our endeavour to uplift the local community in numerous ways.

By partnering with vendors in our vicinity for essential supplies of locally grown organic fruits and vegetables, we have been able to boost the local economy. Since 2019, we have been able to employ 200+ staff members, a majority of which belong to Jammu and Kashmir.

Additionally, we regularly collaborate with the district authorities to execute community welfare programmes such as cleanliness drive and health awareness initiatives in the vicinity.

We have been consistently promoting Patnitop and Jammu on varied platforms ensuring that we have participation from several sections of the society with special focus on students and youth. These include partnering with local radio stations to promote creativity, health, and local tourism. Our state-of-the-art infrastructure and offerings have opened new avenues for educational institutions of the region in terms of professional associations, case studies, and day-long outings.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we ensured that our entire project, staff members, and infrastructure were compliant with global standards of safety and hygiene.

Economic Responsibility

Skyview by Empyrean is one of the largest tourism projects in J&K and a hallmark project under the PPP model. It is also the largest Indo-French mountain tourism infrastructure project in India. Since its commercial launch in 2019, it has been able to boost the economy of the vicinity featuring hotels, transporters, and other local vendors. Additionally, it also includes a retail store that offers handcrafted marvels and edibles, providing a platform for local artisans.

Furthermore, collaborations with the UT’s tourism board and association with India’s leading travel and tour associations, have allowed us to promote J&K to the rest of India.

Environmental Responsibility

Skyview by Empyrean – A Green Gondola. We pride ourselves in this remarkable accomplishment – as not even a single tree was damaged or cut down while constructing the whole infrastructure ranging from erecting the towers, laying rope on towers, retaining walls of towers and more. Making us the only gondola project in India to have achieved this benchmark.

We also have planted more than 8,000 saplings at both our terminals. Our sustainable architectural design promotes rainwater harvesting which is re-used for numerous purposes. The use of bio-degradable cutlery and digitalized menuare an addition to our initiatives towards a healthier environment. Additionally, our gondola is free of any carbon emission and promotes decongestion of traffic on the Sanget-Patnitop route, significantly minimizing traffic, air, and noise pollution.

environment responsibility
Reliable Infrastructure

In our endeavor to bring the best of the world to be experienced in India, we have partnered with prominent global companies including POMA Group, MND Group, ERIC, and Sage Geotech in the planning, development and construction of Skyview by Empyrean. The layout and master-planning of the 11-acre tourism destination have been done by Dianeige (France). Buildings have been tested to take sufficient load and remain safe during storms, rain, snow or even earthquakes. The entire infrastructure, including the towers, ropes, and cabins have been imported from France through POMA. Each cabin can carry 8 people. It is fully ventilated, glazed and with automatic door opening/ closing mechanism. With 5 factor safety, the entire gondola adheres to CEN (European) standard certification.

Our commitment and adherence to responsible and sustainable tourism are as per the global guidelines and recommendations of leading international and national councils, of which we are proud members.

Collaborations & Associations